• Who We Are

    2G&G is setting the standard with the presentation of goods at point of sale.

    We are the South African distribution agency for the German manufacturer, POS Tuning (www.postuning.com). Key to 2G&G and POS Tuning is the optimisation of product display at point of purchase.

  • What We Offer

    Our signature product is the POS Tuning push feed system. This is an automatic pusher system, based on the understanding that the customer only purchases what is visible to him.

    The steady placement of products at the front of shelves has virtually revolutionized the on shelf presentation of goods of any shape, size or weight.

  • What we Offer

    Further to our offering is the roller feed unit which is most suited to larger and heavier products. A gentle gradient and gravity allows product to automatically advance to the front edge of any shelf facilitated by frictionless rollers.

  • Optimising Brands on Shelf

    * Optimal presentation and visibility of brands (guaranteed even with reduced stock levels)
    *Increase in accessibility to products
    *Reducing merchandising maintenance in store
    *Optimising sales potential (the basic principle of unseen is unsold)
    *Support of the first in first out principle

  • “70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale”


    “68% of all purchases are unplanned, 70% of brand choices made in store, and only 5% of shoppers are loyal to a particular brand….”.

    Shopper Marketing. Markus Stahlberg & Ville Maila

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